Carbon Tax

May 12, 2019

Carbon Tax Realities

The Federal Carbon Tax will be imposed on Saskatchewan residents in April. The Liberal government has made it clear that there will not be a delay even though the Province of Saskatchewan is challenging the tax in court. So get ready to pay an additional of 4.42 cents-per-litre Carbon Tax on gasoline when you fill up, with an increase to 11 cents per litre by 2022.

To better understand the impacts the Carbon Tax will have at a local level, below are a few realities.

  1. Effect on households: (From the Government of Saskatchewan) - Starting April 1, 2019, the Federal Carbon Tax will be applied to all bills received by SaskPower and SaskEnergy This will result in a monthly increase for the average residential customer of about $2 for power and $9 for natural gas for the rest of 2019.
  2. Effect of farming operations: (From the Government of Canada) - Farmers can receive an exemption on fuel purchased with the acquisition of an “exemption certificate”. The holder of the certificate can then be exempt from the Carbon Tax on farm fuel, but the fuel must be delivered to the farm by a registered distributor. All other fuel purchased will suffer the carbon tax.
  3. Effect on small business: (From the Canadian Federation of Independent Business survey of its members)
    • 82% of members said the Carbon Tax will increase operating/input
    • 75% of members said the Carbon Tax will reduce
    • 49% of members said the Carbon Tax will pressure the business owner to freeze or cut
    • 48% of members said the Carbon Tax will delay